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The South was about to enter a period of extreme turmoil reconstruction. The Union, though preserved, would not easily be healed. Starting with Lincoln's assassination and continuing up through the harsh realities of occupation through the summer of , authors Thomas and Debra Goodrich trace the history of reconstruction in the south-the death, destruction, crime, starvation, exile, and anarchy that pervaded those grim years. Help Centre.

Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. The funds for the statues were raised by private organizations like the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Ladies Memorial Association, and other groups formed to build memories of rock that would outlast their own memories.

Will that money spent change what happened over years ago? No, what happened, happened. The harsh assessment of the South in the War Between the States by present-day critics is a clear example of history being written by the winner of the conflict. I know because I will write it. We owe a debt of gratitude to Tom Goodrich for tackling this complex subject and giving both sides of the conflict fair treatment. Some might argue that the era of Reconstruction in the South was peace conducted by another means — war.

As many writers, including Kevin MacDonald, have documented, the Jews have historically attempted to blend among the majority population as a survival strategy.

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From to , the years when the South was still recovering from the war, it produced an average of 2,, bales each year. Since I was raised by depression era parents and grandparents means that I had a direct link back to those who had knowledge of the horrors of the reconstruction era in the South.

My maternal grandmother told me that after Appomattox, her grandfather told them that if not for the kindness of complete strangers he would have died on the road back home to Pike County Alabama. Those misinformed cretins intent on tearing down all monuments to the efforts of our gallant forbearers are horribly misinformed and should study history before going off halfcocked as they are so fond of doing. It never has been about racism or slavery. Since they were dedicated many decades before the civil rights era was even a glimmer in the most rabid liberals eye.

This is a most excellent read for those who love and revere what came before. I would be interested in reading other articles on this topic by yourself and others, if available. Thanks for this comment. Wonderfully written piece.

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Like the others, I was unaware of the treatment and conditions of most southerners after the war. Thank you Messrs. McLain and Goodrich for exposing the deplorable treatment. McLain you should write a book! Thank you for the kind words. A very illuminating work on the reality of the American civil war.

Nationalism, Populism, Reaction

Those of us outside the US have — mostly — had little exposure to this episode of history and the perspective of the South after the war. Set in the future, the novel paints a picture of the United States after a second war against the South. While many of the details are historically unlikely, the hatred of the vanquished Southern people portrayed in the book aligns completely with the circumstances related in your article.

McClain, This is an outstanding presentation about many things that happened in the South during this time period that most people do not know about. Thank you for your in-depth research into this. I have to wonder…….

Thank you. This article opened my eyes as a Southerner. Someone needs to do a realistic movie about this. The author put it so bluntly and realistically, my eyes are forever open now. While I had been a modern Southerner albeit not a Democrat, I had favored the removal of the statues as being hard on too many blacks. This article changed my mind. I see things so clearly and differently now. The author wrote in a way that read like a novel but chocked full of masterful facts.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Thank you for the gracious comment. And if my essay opened the eyes of only one reader then it was worth the effort. Now you have the tools to change the hearts and minds of others.

Reconstruction Period in Beaufort, South Carolina, 1862 – 1915

Look at the election map. The statue controversy is designed to make the whites in the northern states who voted for Trump feel ashamed and angry for voting with the southern states. According to historians, this so enraged Booth that he vowed then and there that that would be the last speech Lincoln ever gave. A white supremacist and Confederate activist, Booth made good on his threat three days later.

An excellent article. I was only vaguely aware of much of this history.

The Second Death of Dixie

It is interesting that only 5 percent or so of Southern whites actually owned slaves. Thank you for this piece. Thank you for the praise. The point you raise is one that for me raises a challenging question: what motivated the 95 percent to fight and die? Your email is never published nor shared. Comments are moderated.

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