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Share me with:. Learn English, you decide where and when. The writing gives hime the courage to quit his isolation; he finally meets Lisa, flamboyant transsexual, and a powerful bond is formed between them.

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This intense and mysterious first novel makes us witnesses in amazement to the reconstruction of a broken man. Wihout pathos, Antoni Casas Ros delivers a powerful and human story. Sa naissance dure des semaines. By the same author: La Universal Maeva, , pp. Nevertheless, the two fall in love as they lead the insurrection of Castille.

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More than Todos contra todos. En el interior, un senado de terratenientes planea unir sus tierras al imperio de Oriente. El rey visigodo Leovigildo ha de actuar a su vez, pues en esta estrategia puede derrumbar su reino. Vinculan de forma directa la novela a material externo, ajeno, y por tanto a la Red.

She is a feature writer for various publications. She has written several novels: La debutante Alba, ; La luna en Jorge Destino, , a runner-up for the Nadal Prize ; Una mujer desnuda Anagrama, , translated into various languages, and Mariposas en la nieve Anagrama, Thanks to Isla, Zero finally decides to leave home and go in search of a place where he can just be himself. This is how he discovers Satarip, a magical land inhabited by a group of rebellious, mischievous pirates who are determined to stand up against everyone and everything. Zero is a tender, moving tale, written with the narrative mastery of the great classics and the power to change the life of every reader daring enough to take part in the adventure.

The event quickly went viral on Instagram too. When we stop to consider the staggering amounts of magnificent creatures on the brink of extinction, this becomes a strong driver for us to create art that raises awareness to save these animals.

Images published here with artists' permission Thanks a lot, Gillie and Marc! Gillie and Marc.

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Yuri Shwedoff is an artist whose digital paintings depict a desolate and post-apocalyptic environment, in which the characters, almost always centered in the painting, are surrounded by desolate landscapes, remains of constructions, gigantic half-buried sculptures or beasts on a colossal scale. The references to space, in the form of ships or atmospheric phenomena, are constant and varied, as well as the anachronistic presence of swords and knights, or objects that explode into pieces subjected to forces that are difficult to explain.

Yuri composes an aesthetic that is at once obscure and poetic, rooted in his experiences that refer to the landscapes of his native Kyrgyzstan, and the decomposition and abandonment of the massive Soviet architecture. En ese momento fue nominado para la Medalla de la Academia Rusa de Bellas Artes, por una serie de obras titulada "Suzdal". Mis padres y mi familia me ayudaron todo el tiempo, me apoyaron y me dieron consejos. En la escuela, mis amigos y yo visitamos muchos museos y exposiciones.

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Estoy muy agradecido a mis maestros por el conocimiento que nos dieron. Aprendimos juntos. Me inspiro en cosas diferentes. Muy a menudo, las nuevas ideas surgen durante las fiestas con amigos con una botella de cerveza. Nos mostramos nuestros nuevos trabajos. Jugamos videojuegos.

Creo que el arte ayuda a las personas a experimentar los sentimientos que tienen en su interior. Comprender estos sentimientos y al mismo tiempo entendernos a nosotros mismos. Aprender a disfrutar de la belleza del mundo. El arte nos recuerda que todo el mundo fue creado para que podamos apreciar su belleza. Entonces es genial crear y disfrutar las creaciones. Y es un buen trabajo para sentarse, dibujar y ver dibujos animados. All of it ". When I was a child I drew a lot and my parents sent me to study at the art school in Moscow, Russia.

I studied painting for 13 years and I continue to learn so far. My parents and family have helped me all the time, they supported me and gave advices. In art school I was very influenced in the academic painting, drawing, art, old masters painting. In school, my friends and I have visited a lot of museums and exhibitions, I am very grateful to my teachers for the knowledge that they gave us. As a child, I never thought that I would become an artist. I was surrounded by canvases, paint pictures, but I was drawing for fun and entertainment.

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I do not think that this will be my profession. I realized it was surrounded by other artists, such as young as I am. We learned together. It helped me understand who I want to be. I think the most useful for the development of the artist - it is a competition with other artists, the support of friends and the advice of senior artists. The most important thing - a community of artists.

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The more you communicate with other artists, the more you will learn new and interesting things. The feel of this nature greatly influenced my taste in color, light and subjects of my paintings.

When I moved to Russia, I was inspired by the remnants of Soviet architecture, the monuments in the style brutalism, the huge scale of abandoned human creations, long cold winters and cloudy days. I watch a lot of old movies about future, space and post-apocalypsis. I listen to a lot of post-rock, sometimes paint covers for musicians who inspire me. I get inspiration from different things. Most often, new ideas come during parties with friends over a bottle of beer.

We share music, movies that we saw this week. Play video games. In short - the inspiration comes during relaxation. It is also very useful to watch the work of other artists.